Webcam Warden

Webcam Warden is a free, no hassle, easy to install and simple to use app for Windows that gives you the ability to stop hackers from accessing your webcam. Download Webcam Warden now and see how easy it can be to protect yourself.

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What Is Webcam Hacking?

Webcam Hacking is the process by which an attacker gains control of a person's webcam to spy on them without their permission. Webcam hacking is a real problem.

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Is Your Webcam At Risk Of Being Hacked?

Everyone with a webcam is at risk. In fact, several recent news articles have been published with documented cases of webcam hacking.

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How Can You Protect Yourself?

The most secure method of protecting yourself from webcam hacking is to physically cover your webcam up when not using it. But that can be a hassle for someone that uses it often. A free alternative is Webcam Warden. Webcam Warden protects you from your webcam by allowing you the ability to easily lock it out.

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